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Harnessing the power of geofencing

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is like strapping a

rocket to your bottom line

Geofencing: Cutting-edge

mobile marketing is here.

A “Geofence” is an invisible virtual fence we can put around any building, home or entire neighborhood, in any geometric shape and when a homeowner or anyone crosses through the invisible virtual geofence… they will receive one of your custom-designed business display ads on their mobile device.

These perfectly timed ads drive new, exclusive customers to your business like magic!

Invisible Geofencing for Businesses is unlike anything you have ever seen or used before and is only available with our exclusive proprietary services!

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As seen on these popular media networks:

Watch this video on the power of geofencing, then scroll down to learn more.

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Struggling to Get New Customers? Tired of Empty Promises?

With many lead-generation services promising fast wins, you can easily find yourself pouring time and money into strategies that don't deliver.

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You're Not Alone.

Many business owners learn the hard way that trying to get new customers with pay-per-lead services and pay-per-click ads isn't just frustrating, it's a waste of money.

Enter Geofencing:

The Ultimate Game-Changer!

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Through our affiliation with Loyalty Health Marketing, the top geofencing service provider in the industry, we have access to the latest customer generation tools, client loyalty systems, and the highly specialized automated programs that are redefining customer acquisition and engagement.

In fact, top brands and multi-million dollar corporations are using geofencing technology to drive traffic, new business, brand enhancement, client engagement, and customer loyalty like never before.

The reason is simple: geofencing technology acts as a digital beacon, drawing ideal customers straight to your doorstep. That, combined with automated, proprietary software that generates Unlimited 5-Star Reviews and Unlimited Friends and Family Referrals isn’t just cutting-edge; it's transformative.

From securing new customers on autopilot and generating unlimited 5-Star reviews to triggering a floodgate of friends and family referrals, geofencing technology is redefining the game.

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For business owners hungry for real results,

geofencing isn't just a choice; it's the only choice.

Why Do We Partner

With Loyalty Health Marketing?

It's simple: Loyalty Health Marketing is the top geofencing service provider in the industry. They offer all-inclusive service for one very reasonable monthly fee, often saving business owners tens of thousands of dollars per year while taking marketing and advertising tasks entirely off their plate. But the main reason is that they get results, month in and month out.

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Steady Stream Of New, Exclusive Customers

Task Management

Dedicated Success Manager

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Done-For-You Advertising Campaigns

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Automated 5-Star Review Software

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Automated Friends & Family Referrals Software

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Cost Effective Solution

unlimited new customers + reviews + referrals PLUS...

Enjoy Google Page #1 GBP/LSA & Maps Rankings!

Effective And Specialized

Marketing Technologies

For Your Business

Enjoy a surge in new customers as we elevate your brand and propel your business toward page 1 on Google

For a limited time, you can experience

the game-changing power of



UNLIMITED Exclusive New Customers

UNLIMITED 5-Star Reviews + UNLIMITED Friends &

Family Referrals ZERO Fee Customer Credit Card Processing


Then ONLY $1997.00 Per Month if you

choose to keep the service!

100% Risk Free / Month to Month / Cancel Anytime

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What's Included in the

FREE 30-Day Trial

  • AUTOMATED Invisible Geofencing to Dominate Your Competition

  • AUTOMATED 50+ Online Directories Synchronized to your GBP

  • INCLUDES 30,000 Custom Geofencing Displays (Amazing!)

  • AUTOMATED Voice Search Set-up (Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, etc.)

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Performance Testing of your Account

  • AUTOMATED Website Analysis and Customer Experience Monitoring

  • DEDICATED Client Success Manager for you and your Business

  • AUTOMATED Analysis of your TOP-3 Competitors in your Area

  • CUSTOM QR Codes that Generate Business Like Magic

  • GOOGLE Business Profile GBP/GMB + Maps Support

  • AUTOMATED Unlimited 5-Star Reviews

  • GOOGLE Local Service Ads (LSA) Support

  • AUTOMATED Review Responses to all your Customer's Reviews

  • GEOFENCING Search Engine Retargeting

  • AUTOMATED Unlimited Upsell Surveys/Feedback from your Customers

  • AUTOMATED Unlimited Friends and Family Referral


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About Us

Jett Rink Media isn't just another digital marketing agency. We’re trailblazers pushing boundaries and leading the digital marketing charge for our clients.

Not only do we offer business-growth ideas, marketing and advertising tips and tools to help your business prosper, we're thrilled to provide cutting-edge geofencing technology and proprietary automated software to unlock unlimited new customers, unlimited 5-Star reviews & unlimited Friends and Family referrals. We do that through our affiliation with Loyalty Health Marketing, the top geofencing service provider in the industry.

Let's chat about how we can boost your online presence, engage your audience, and drive new, exclusive customers to your business like never before.

Is Your Brand Invisible in the Digital Realm? We Can Help!

In 2023, if you're not on Google's

first page, you're virtually invisible.

Remember those early days of excitement about your brand's potential? That vision seems blurry now, clouded by the endless challenge of capturing genuine attention and loyalty in the digital era.

Despite the compelling story behind your brand, it's easy to get buried under your competitors, unable to connect with potential customers. And it's not your fault. You can't be expected to be an expert on your business and an expert digital marketer.

That's where we can help!

By applying geofencing technology and proprietary systems, we can rocket your business to success in less time than you think and much more affordably than you might imagine.

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